122nd Boston Annual Match

122nd Boston Annual Match, Bargate Drain, Horncastle Road 16 Fished Pegs 75 to 90

1st - Danny West, Marukyu. 78lb 4ozs consisting of 17 Bream, 1 Tench and some bits all caught on on a combination of pole and feeder using ground bait chopped worm and caster

2nd - Don Green, Tydd Gote A.C. 16lb 5ozs Bream caught on feeder ground bait worm and caster.

3rd Steve Gruise, Lincoln A.C. 14lb 2ozs Bream on the pole chopped worm and caster over ground bait


A section - Liam Smith, Lincoln A.C 1lb 12ozs

B section - Archie Ayre, Grimsby A.C. 6lb 12ozs

The Bream sure did return for this match today as the floating had disappeared this time round and provided good weights with those that fished.

Posted in Match on Jul 23, 2017