Huge weights for Boston Pairs Match

Boston Pairs Match Results, Bargate Drain

Bargate Drain shows its' true form with massive Bream weights. 24 anglers in total fished the match, with 20 anglers weighing in combined weight of 528lbs 10ozs!

The pairs match runs on a points basis per section.

Results are as follows:

Winning Pair - Danny West and Liam Smith with 21 points and their impressive combined weight was 149lb 10ozs.

2nd Placed Pair - Archie Ayre and Chris Willows with 20 points. Combined weight of 83lb 11ozs

3rd Placed Pair - Dennis Houghton and Brian Hunn with 17 points. Combined weight of 32lb 10ozs

4th Placed Pair - Mark Cook and Brian Blackamore with 15 point. Combined weight of 63lbs

Best Individual Weights on the day:

1st - Danny West with 119lbs 12ozs

2nd - Chris Willows with 71lbs 1oz

3rd - Baz Bright with 66lbs

4th - Brian Blackamore with 60lbs

Well done to all those who attended the match and thank you all for your support.



Posted in Match on Aug 20, 2017