Sibsey Trader Drain

The Sibsey Trader Drain or the Stone Bridge Drain as it is also called is another of the Associations 'natural' venues, even though it was originally man made!

Fishing for members is available on the west bank from just above Northlands village downstream until it joins the Cowbridge Drain at Boston Golf Club, around 300 pegs as marked on the map. Parking behind pegs is available throughout its length, and there are 10 enhanced platform pegs immediately below Northlands Bridge.

Maximum depth is around 5ft during Summer when the level is kept high, whereas during Autumn and Winter the level is dropped and usual depths of around 3 feet can be expected. Recent summers have seen the water become very clear which has resulted in weed problems, but just like other drains the water takes on a dark green tinge during winter which makes the bread punch an excellent bait for the roach.

Most predominant species present are roach, rudd, pike, perch and bream, however there are also tench, carp and eels present. Some of the carp are of decent size but being wild fish they can be hard to track down and I suspect hard to get in the net! Please be aware there are electrical power lines at certain places on the venue and these are well signposted, please take care when using poles. This venue is subject to the statutory Close Season, so no fishing is allowed between 15 March and 15 June inclusive