Boston Benevolent Open Match

Boston Benevolent Open Match Results, Bargate Drain

19 fished, Pegs 114 to 132. With a very strong upstream wind blowing and clear water conditions catching fish was not gonna be easy as this reflects in the weights that was put to the scales.

1st - Brian Blackamore with 4lb 9ozs. This consisted of Roach and Skimmers caught on hemp on pole at around 9 metres

2nd - Reece Cook with 3lb 14ozs. This consisted of Roach and Skimmers and 1 small Tench of about 8ozs were all caught on pinkie over ground bait on pole around 8 to 9 metres

3rd - Mark Cook with a weight of 3lb 9ozs this consisted of Roach and Skimmers caught on caster over hemp at about 8 or 9 metres on pole

Section winners by default

A Section

Won by Trever Ogilvie with a weight of 2lb 15ozs

B Section

Won by Dave Dean with a weight of 2lb 9ozs

After the match, it was stated that the section the United Anglers fished which produced a large weight a fortnight ago, did not fish aswell with their best weight being only 5lb and 2nd place in there match was 2lb. I was surprised by this report and was expecting to hear of reasonable weights from the section. On a wholem most people that fished the drain was all faced with the same situation.

Posted in Match on Sep 03, 2017