River Bain

In addition to the River Witham, the Association has access to a short stretch of one of the Withams tributaries. The River Bain which shows on some maps as the Horncastle Canal is accessible in Coningsby village.

Fishing is from the west bank only with access either from the Bailey Bridge at the upstream end, or from A153 road at Butts Bridge near the school at the downstream end (see green line on map)

This is a very picturesque stretch of water that does suffer from low flows and clear water plus fairly heavy weed growth during the Summer. However in the Autumn and Winter the water turns a dark green colour and the flow picks up considerably regulated by weirs at the Bailey Bridge and downstream behind Tattershall Castle. The chub and roach fishing can be excellent when conditions are good and particularly in Winter the roach respond well to bread punch.

There is a resident shoal of large bream with fish that are probably well over 8lb now, and some specimen perch are also present. Several winters ago the stretch suffered high predation by cormorants and the roach were severely affected, but the last few seasons has seen them re-establish themselves. This venue is for Association book holders only and there are no day tickets or matches allowed (as stipulated by the owner) Car parking is available at each end of the stretch near either bridge, and there is space for a couple of vehicles along Hunters Lane where the footpath from the village centre joins the road. Please no digging out pegs into the bank.

This venue is subject to the statutory Close Season, so no fishing is allowed between 15 March and 15 June inclusive