Bargate Drain

The Bargate Drain or to give its correct name the Maud Foster runs due south from Cowbridge down through Boston to just below Mount Bridge where it joins the tidal Witham.

Access to the upper section is from the wset bank alongside Horncastle Road with reasonable behind your peg parking on the grass verges or on northbound kerbside, but please be very careful as this road can be very busy at times.

The short section immediatley below the Cowbridge Inn down to Pilley's Lane bridge is not considered accessible as there is no parking here. Horncastle Road has many flat platform pegs still available and proves quite popular during the Summer and Autumn. Depths on this section range from 3ft in margins to 5ft down the track.

Downstream from Horncastle Road/Norfolk Street junction to Queens Road is not fishable as this section is vertical brick wall lined both sides. From Queens Road all the way downstream along Windsor Bank to the sluice gates pegs are available on the east bank.

Street parking is available on Queens Road and Windsor Crescent, and along some of Windsor Bank but please be considerate when parking here as it's a residential area. Species present include roach, rudd, bream, tench, carp, perch, and pike. All methods and baits have their day on this venue.

Boston Angling Centre is located alongside the drain just opposite the Maud Foster windmill and can be relied up for up to date info. This venue is subject to the statutory Close Season, so no fishing is allowed between 15 March and 15 June inclusive