Boston Memorial Match

Bostons Memorial Open Match, Bargate Drain Horncastle Road

Pegs 75 to 91 were used for this match with 17 anglers. With cold nights now set in, the temperature being as low as 6 degrees as it was this morning, clear water conditions and heavy rain over the last few days it was not gonna be easy. With the number of anglers involved in the match and taking full of advantage of this, the end peg was Danny West who put together a net of 2 Bream and small Skimmers to take top spot.

1st - Danny West, Marukyu with 26lb, fished on Peg 75.

2nd - Mark Cook, B.D.A.A with 15lb 13ozs, consisting of 1 Bream, some small Skimmers and small Tench, fished on Peg 81.

3rd - Brian Blackamore, B.D.A.A with 15lb 12oz,s couple of large Bream and small Skimmer, fished on Peg 76.

Section Winners By Default

Section A

Andy Dillamore, Boston. Peg 78 with 5lb 5ozs, all Roach on bread punch.

Section B

Trevor Ogilvie, B.D.A.A. Peg 91 with 6lb 5ozs, Skimmers and Roach on pinkie and big maggot over ground bait.

Posted in Match on Sep 17, 2017